Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Hindsight Will be 2020

    Digital Marketing Future

    What the Future of Digital Marketing Will Not Look Like. 2016 marks an important temporal tipping point for marketing and marketers alike. We have stepped over the proverbial line in the sand from whence there is no return. We now stand closer to a brand new decade than the beginnings of our current one. In…
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  • How Average Marketing Kills Your Business

    Digital Marketing

    A Bitrix24 interview with Digital Marketing author, Larry Bailin Larry Bailin is one of the top rated Internet marketing and professional motivational business speaker, CEO of Single Throw Internet Marketing, best-selling author, and entrepreneur. 1. What is the biggest online marketing mistake that companies make? Accepting average. Average digital marketing is the norm because it has become…
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  • Sorry, Google Says We’re Closed

    Google Local Search

    Getting local search right, needs to be at the top of your priority list. When I started my career in 1994, my motivation was to help local businesses take their show on the road; go national, even global, and break free from their geographic confines. After all, that was the promise of the Internet back…
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  • A Sales Objection in Disguise

    Sales Objection

    Sales objections take many forms. Some objections, such as, “it’s too expensive” are easy to spot, while others cleverly masquerade as progress. One such objection is, “Can you send me some references?” That can’t be a sales objection? That has to be forward momentum – right? My prospect is asking for validation of my company’s…
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